PPC Case Study - Conversion Rate Boosted By 12.09% in 2 Months

About Clean Slip Seal Surface Solutions:

Clean Slip Seal Surface Solutions is a prominent company based in Sydney, Australia. With decades of experience, the company provides a spectrum of premium anti-slip, cleaning, sealing, and maintenance solutions. The professional Clean Slip Seal team offers anti-slip treatment, sealer removal, re-colouring faded tiles and most other floor treatments to bring back your floor’s liveliness and preclude it from being a slip menace.


Clean Slip Seal Surface Solutions got in touch with the Cubic Digital team with the following goals;

  • To generate quality leads via paid search
  • Augment their sales online and lower the amount spent on each campaign
  • Increasing ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
  • Enrich the Quality Score

The Solution:

After precisely understanding Clean Slip Seal requirements, our professional PPC team was all-prepared to accomplish their objectives by providing result-focused solutions. In order to achieve the goals, our experts suggested and applied the following actions;

Account Setup

Our initial step was to learn about the client’s business. Accordingly, we began by assessing their solutions, target audience, and competitors.

  • Keyword Research
  • We started by conducting deep keyword analysis using the Google Keyword Planner and a paid tool we are using. We recognized the most relevant keywords for the campaign that can help in achieving the business objective. Further, we used geographic keywords to focus on a specific location.

  • Structuring the Campaign
  • Further, we structured an Ad Campaign wherein we strategized budget and bid strategy for ads. We also did location targeting set-up according to the client’s requirement.

  • Ad Groups
  • We created several Ad groups focusing on the company’s service. Creation of Ad groups resulted in more elevated quality scores and CTR, while retaining appropriate CPC.

  • Ad Copy
  • Based on our analysis and keywords, we composed visionary Ad copy to attract the audience. We included relevant search terms, call to action, ads related to landing page and business KPIs.

  • Ad Extensions:
  • To enrich the Ads performance and encourage users to take an action we added call ad extensions. We added sitelink extensions so users can find more specific information about the services. To improve ad performance we added Structure Snippet extension so user can get preview of all the service at a glance.

The Solution:

Campaign Optimization and Enhancement

Our PPC experts optimized the campaign on multiple tiers by modifying keyword bids, evaluating search terms, ad copies, and more.

  • Negative Keywords
  • As per our approach, we observed the campaign performance regularly to ensure quality lead generation. Upon examining the campaign, we noticed it was accepting plenty of unessential traffic from the audience searching for solutions not provided by the company. Hence to counter this, we added irrelevant search terms to negative keywords.

  • New Keywords
  • But, we also discovered plenty of appropriate keywords from the audience that we hadn’t included earlier. We added those keywords into new ad groups to boost the campaign’s significance.

  • Bid Optimization
  • In order to accomplish and preserve a high position for the ads, we closely observed our bids and frequently optimized them.

  • Implement Google Ads Recommendation
  • We analyzed Google recommendations and applied the recommendations which we believe help in performance improvement.

  • Improve Ad Rank
  • To improve the Ad Rank we adjusted bidding amount, ad copy quality and relevancy, optimize landing page for the targeted keywords, and added relevant extensions. This helps to improve the CTR and cost per conversion at lower CPC.

Frequent monitoring and optimization of the campaign assisted the company in receiving quality leads by lowering the cost per conversion.

Campaign Optimization and Enhancement


The campaign executed incredibly well. Following are the results earned in two months (December’21 to February’22):

  • We started on 6th December 2021 and gained seven conversions and an impressive conversion rate of 4.52% by the end of the month
  • Gradually we began generating more quality leads month by month. In January 2022, the company earned 15 conversions with a conversion rate of 5.12%
  • Finally, in February 2022 (as of 16th Feb 2022), we achieved 11 conversions with a remarkably augmented conversion rate of 12.09%

On a concluding note, the result was a consequence of our robust and innovative campaign structure and dynamic approach of continuous optimization. Eventually, the client is satisfied with the outcomes.

We guarantee

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